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Services for System Providers & developers

Make things easy for your customers — and their users

With our comprehensive secure login technology, we are able to create a platform that both system vendors and system developers can use to offer customers a simple, secure and fast login method along with state-of-the-art signing solutions. Our platform does not require extensive feasibility studies or for clients to have their own security solutions — our comprehensive and clear technical documentation explains everything you need to implement our API to work with BankID, Freja eID and NetID Access/Enterprise, as well as the ability to download test keys.


The GrandID API is easy to implement — it typically takes less than an hour to get the system operational. This way you can provide a simple and secure login platform for all agent-types that connect with a service, app or system.



Other integration methods

We can also take steps to integrate the SP with other APIs such as SAML 2.o, GWS and OpenID Connect.

AD Integration

We also facilitiate AD-integration as well as other attribute-type sources of user data that are used with various login services such as HSA, SPAR och Azure.

System Integration

We utilize an integration method that works with most systems regardless of their independent integration method.

Federation Platforms

We connect organizations to federation platforms such as eIDAS and Skolfederation.



What do our customers say?

”By using Swedish e-identitet as our supplier for BankID, login and signature security on our digitalisation platform, we are able to make things as easy as possible for our customers. For instance, when some users, such as two legal guardians who use e-services in a digital platform to identify themselves and, if necessary, use two-factor authentication with BankID, we know it will always be safe and secure.”

Fredrik Carlsson, COO, Selfpoint